Ipos2® – O2/CO2

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Ref. 2740 – O2/CO2 Gas Analyzer: Portable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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The Ipos2® O2 CO2 is a portable, standalone gas analyzer with a rechargeable battery, known for its reliability and robustness. This measuring instrument is ideal for those seeking a versatile first piece of equipment for portable or benchtop use in the control of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) using an O2/N2/CO2 mix.

With a resolution extended to 0.01% for O2 measurement and pneumatic circuit protection through flow control, it combines reliability and precision in a robust IP54 aluminum case.

The history of the last 12 measurements helps report control and inspection results.


  • Memory of results
  • Performance/Quality/Price
  • Reliability/Ruggedness/Accuracy
  • Low sampling volume
  • Blocked circuit detection
  • Alarm display
  • Battery or mains operation
  • Operation in industrial environments

Delivered with

  • 1 Power supply with lockable IP65 industrial connector

  • 100 Septa for gas analysis (ref. PSM/1477)
  • 2 Needles 0.8x15mm (ref. PA/285)
  • 1 Sampling kit
  • 2 Filters (ref. PF/275)
  • 1 IP67 transport case
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate


Transport bag

Manufacturer’s warranty

2 years from delivery

Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 150 cm

Ipos2® – O2/CO2, Ipos2® – O2/CO2 + Extension 400 mesures, Ipos2® – O2/CO2 + Extension 400 mesures + Pack transfert USB

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